Classic Line FM Low Power Transmitters

The FM30, FM150 and FM300 are available in three configurations: The "E" is a basic exciter with composite input only. The "T" is a perfect choice for the lower-power broadcaster, with its built-in audio processor and stereo generator. The "R" is the translator option with built-in receiver.

E Series Transmitters

The newest addition to the Crown Broadcast transmitter lineup, the E Series High Power and E Series Low Power offer the newest in technology to ensure the most high quality and flexible FM Broadcast transmitter on the market. With built-in direct to frequency digital exciter it is among the best sounding most highly flexible products available to the broadcaster. Product levels range from 20 watts up to 10kW’s making for a very highly featured cost effective solution for the broadcaster.

RFBA-1 Triple Tuner

Best-in-class AM/FM/Weather Radio/Public Service broadcast receiver specifically designed to fill multiple needs. The RFBA-1 comes standard with 3 receivers built into a 1-RU chassis. The RFBA-1 is configurable to accommodate any mix of FM and AM stations plus WR. The RFBA-1 is a simple-to-deploy, highly sensitive fully DSP-based monitor system that will provide best-in-class performance while maintaining a competitive price point.