CT-1 Internal AM/FM Receiver

Crown FM CT-1 Receiver
Internal Translator Receiver

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CT-1 Brochure (pdf)

CT-1 User Manual (pdf)

 CT-1 Specifications (below)

Frequency Range 76 to 108MHz  (this will allow the unit to work at Japanese frequencies also)
RF Input Connector/ Impedance Uses a standard N connector/50 Ohms.
Power DC +12 Volts DC
Harmonic Distortion Stereo < 1.25% THD + Noise
Mono >  .2% THD + Noise
Stereo Separation Better than 35dB (38dB Typical)


Monaural (demodulated, de-emphasized)2 Micro V for S/N > 40dB
Stereo (19kH pilot frequency added)
35 Micro V for S/N >50dB (SINAD)
Bandwidth and Rejection Automatic Setting of bandwidth signal strength of desired signal
FM Signal to noise 65dB, Typical 70dB
1st Adjacent Channel Rejection 66dB
2nd Adjacent Channel Rejection 73dB
Ambient Temperature Range Better than 0 to 50 Degrees Celcius
Size FM Receiver Module is 4.5″ x 4.5″ Mounted internally into Crown FM30-FM600 watt units
Weight FM Receiver Module weighs 4 oz.  Shipping Weight is 1 pound.

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