Classic Line

Crown Classic FM Transmitter Line

  • 5-Year Warranty
  • 24/7 Service Support
  • Optional Built-in audio processor
  • Optional Built-in DSP based receiver
  • Power levels from 30 watts up to 2kW’s
  • Most robust reliable lower-power unit on the market

FM Low Power Transmitters

FM High Power Transmitters

NEW! Internet Remote Control (IReC-1) Interface Module

The Crown Classic line is a very high quality, robust reliable FM transmitter system designed for years of 24/7 trouble-free operation for your broadcast facility.

The Classic Line is available in models from 30 watts to 600 watts in three basic configurations. The E model (suffix not to be confused with our newer E-Series) is the basic exciter only with composite input only. The T model includes a built-in audio processor and stereo generator allowing it to operate as a “suitcase” transmitter in a box. The R model is the original “Translator” with a very high quality DSP-based AM/FM receiver built in for all translator applications.

Reliable operation is still the major design criterion in all Crown Broadcast products. With low loss-circuit boards and copper heat spreaders in the RF chain, the unit functions with less wear and improved life span. A robust Torroidal power supply (on FM30, 150, and 300) offer superior operation in areas with marginal power and the FM600 offers a very high quality switching power supply for superior high power operation.

Innovative Broadcast Solutions

Crown Broadcast designs, manufactures, and provides FM transmitters and RF amplifiers for the radio broadcast market. These products are recognized as best-in-class in terms of customer satisfaction and reliability.