Internet Remote Control (IReC-1) Interface Module

Crown Broadcast is proud to announce a new Internet Remote Control (IReC-1) Interface Module for Crown Classic Transmitters.
Click here for IReC-1 manual.Internet Remote Control Interface Module

Built with the quality and flexibility of all Crown Broadcast products, this micro-processor controlled module enables nearly all existing and current Crown Transmitter users to remotely monitor and control their Crown ClassicTransmitter from a computer or cell phone.

This Module is available for only $399. If ordered with a new transmitter it will be pre-installed. The IREC Module may be added to existing Crown Classic transmitters as a Crown Broadcast factory upgrade, or as an upgrade kit for installation by a station engineer.Features:


  • Internal mounting for Crown Classic Transmitters
  • Adds remote Metering/Control/Status function
  • SMTP, SNMP and NTP
  • Provides Programmable alarms for e-mail alerts
  • Three levels of Password Control
  • Low power consumption for ultimate reliability
  • Long-term logging of transmitter parameters
  • Utilizes Opto-coupled control –no mechanical relays
  • Easy path for future upgrades

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