E Series Low Power

See E Series LowMid Power brochure below for details.
  • Powers from 100w to 2000w
  • FM Limiter with MPX power control (ITU-R 412)
  • Dynamic RDS Encoder
  • Silence detection and intelligent failover
  • Audio backup
  • GPIOs
  • Direct to channel digital modulator
  • Stereo Encoder with analog and/or digital audio inputs
  • Advanced Metering Interface
  • Expert Maintenance Reporting
  • TCP/IP with Web browser and SNMP

E-250_FrontPanelforWebE Series LowMid Power Brochure (pdf)

E Series 1+1 Product (pdf)

E Series Dual Drive (pdf)

Specifications (below)

Frequency range
87.5 to 108 MHz in 10 kHz steps
Frequency stability
< 10-6 per year
Spurious and harmonic suppression
Meets or exceeds all ETSI requirements
Intermodulation distortion
0.02% typical
FM S/N ratio
> 80 dB
Typical AM noise
65 dB RMS (Helios FM 20W/100W) 75 dB RMS (Helios FM >750W)
0.05 dB
Stereophonic separation
65 dB
0 μs, 50 μs or 75 μs
Audio inputs
Analog and/or AES «XLR»
Up to 192 kb/s @ 16, 24, 32 bits
MPX/SCA inputs
2 «BNC» type
• 1999/5/CE (R&TTE) • ETS 302 018 (EMC)
• ETS 300 384 (Radio) • NF EN 60215 (Safety)
Main Power Supply
100-250V / 50-60 Hz

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